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Don't take the chance and purchase fake SeneGence and LipSense items from Amazon and Ebay. 

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SeneGence Products

To SHOP for all SeneGence Anti-Aging  Products Click SHOP to Place your order.  Single LipSense Colors, Glosses, Moisturizers, Foundations, Powders, Creams, and Much More.

LipSense Starter Collection:

Smudge-proof, Kiss-proof, Waterproof LipColor

The First time you purchase LipSense, you will want to purchase the LipSense Collection.  It contains the 3 Things for Success with your LipSense Color.  It will Include the LipColor of your Choice, The LipSense Glossy Gloss that will seal your color and allow hydration to your lips thoughout the day, and the Ooops Remover for easy removal when you want. Click SHOP to Buy.


 Long lasting, anti-aging and velvety creme to powder eyeshadow, ShadowSense. Worn separately, blended with additional colors, or used as an eyeliner.  Be creative and use the pinks for blush, the darker browns for contouring and the lighter ones, candlelight and Sandstone Pearl, as a concealer under the MakeSense Foundations.  Many Possibilities. Click SHOP to Purchase

LipSense Starter Collection

Shop SeneGence's cosmetics, especially the popular LipSense.

First time LipSense users need to purchase a LipSense Collection which contains;

LipSense Color - Your choice of lip color.

Glossy Gloss - Seals in the color and is specially formulated to penetrate the color to hydrate your lips durnig the day and to NOT break down the lip color.

Ooops Remover - Corrects lip color if you get out of line and it removes lipcolor at the end of the day.